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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
-Roger Caras

Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and free of disease at the time of pick-up or delivery. We strongly recommend the new owner take the puppy to a veterinarian of their choice within the first 48 hours. Please send a note or e-mail of the results of the exam so we can keep it on file. If a problem is found at this time, buyer may return the puppy along with a report from their vet explaining why the pup is not suited for sale. A credit of the price paid for the pup will be given towards the purchase of the next available puppy. This guarantee does not cover cosmetic flaws, mental stress, or any condition that is minor or common in puppies/canines and can be corrected easily by a veterinarian. This includes hypoglycemia, luxating patellas, hernias, testicle issues or open fontanels which are common and not a genetic trait of some small breeds. To qualify for our health guarantee, you must take the pup to the vet within the first 48 hours and the pup must be clear of any obvious problems. We will guarantee the puppy till he/she is one year in age. If within this period, your puppy is found to have a life threatening congenital health defect (heart, liver), the buyer may return the puppy with a report from their veterinarian, for a credit of the price paid for the puppy towards the next available puppy of buyers choice. Should a death occur within this period, an autopsy at the buyers expense must be performed to determine the cause was a congenital defect. If the autopsy confirms it was a congenital defect, the autopsy report would need to be provided to us for a credit of the price paid for the puppy towards the next available puppy. No cash refunds will be given for any reason. The buyer is responsible for veterinary and transport charges at all times.

We also can not guarantee that the puppy will definitely be able to conceive or produce or whether he/she will be of show quality. We will estimate size/personality/color as accurately as possible. Pups do not come with their own set of instructions and we can?t tell you exactly how they will turn out. We?ve provided these pups with a wonderful start at it?s up to you to nurture and teach him/her into want you would like him/her to be. Please realize that your puppy can be stressed by travel, adjusting to a new home, changing diets, etc. and this can bring on problems including hypoglycemia, worms, coccidiosis, etc. We have no control over the puppy?s new environment and these things are the buyers responsibility.

Please remember that buying a puppy is making a commitment to care for it?s entire life, which can possibly be the next 15 years!


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